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                  Fushun Hongquao Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. (former Parts Supply Office of Fushun Construction Machinery Works) locates in Fushun City with No.202 National Highway passing by, and it is only 50 km from the capital city of Northeast China---Shenyang.
                  Ever since its set-up in year 2000 and through years of development, now it has 229 employees among whom 15% of employees are engineers and advanced engineers. Fushun Hongqiao Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. has ground area of 39415 square meters and floor area of 7172 square meters with fixed asset of 25.7 million CNY. It has 106 units of general production equipment and 2 units of special purpose equipment and other inspection instruments and rigs. Its main products are model QUD15 & QUD20 mechanical cranes, 20t hydraulic crane for soft land and swamp area operation and 30t, 38t, 55t and 70t full hydraulic cranes and parts. Our users spread over major area in China including Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Fujian, Hubei, Inner Mongolia, Henan, Shandong, Anhui and Liaoning. In recent years we have exported to Iraq, Sudan, North Korea, Viet Nam, Botswana, Singapore, Papua New Guinea, Green Nada and other areas. We have won good reputations among our domestic and oversea users.
                  We have set up quality system according to GB/T19001-2000 National Standard and our quality system is running effectively. We apply advanced oversea technology on our products as per our users’ requirements and provide our users with best quality, reasonable prices and premium services.

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                  Fushun Hongqiao Construction Machinery Co., Ltd.
                  Addr.: No.25 Changchun Str., Shuncheng District, Fushun City, Liaoning Province, China 113006
                  Tel:+86-024-57641201 Fax:+86-024-57644168 Sales Manager:Zhao Liang Mobile:13841343456 Email:cnwajueji@126.com
                  www.niyabizui.com(China excavator) website designing:and manufacturing of Internet business online:www.7113.com